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Date d'inscription : 2016-04-04

PostSubject: Recruitment-Pronoob   Mon 4 Apr - 23:44

IRL: Alex

Country: Romania
Age: 24

Official Server: Did not play on it to endgame. Too much P2W.


Nickname: Pronoob
Class: Warrior

-What cash shop items do you actually have?:

Well I just started playing. I will buy chest to do level 60. If needed I think I can get all I need with 5$ right?

-Your build/role?

Well I prefer DPS. Also I mainly like to PvP but I will PvE too. Bosses in this game look fun.

-What's your game experience on Allods? On other MMO's?

 I played probably all MMO's out there worth mentioning to endgame. Let me see what I remember: Warhammer Online(WAR), Aion, Wow, Tera, Swtor, Rift. 

- How often do you play?

Well now I got a job so during the week about 2-3 hours/day. Weekends I can play more.

-Why join Illuminati?

Well you are active people and like playing in a fun but also tactical and with the scope of winning. I play to win as well. Also not many english speaking guilds.

-What do you think you can bring us?

-I have a positive attitude. You will all like me. Gameplay wise after I learn all about the classes in Allods I can help you win at PvP Smile. I also learn pretty fast and have a brain to use.

-PvP or PvE player?

I kinda like more PvP. But I understand PvE is important too.

-What motivates you in the game?

 All those nice color effects O.O...No really I like to give Kek to people.

- What do you think about the kek?

 Greatest weapon ever invented by virgins online to feel superior to other players who have a real life Smile.

- *Note*:

 If you guys don't accept warrior I can roll another class no problem. Maybe a paladin. Or a healer.

Also I read the best guides on classes I play so don't worry about me learning the class and spec. Gonna be eazy peazy for me.

Much Loovee and see you in-game.
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Ecrivain fou

Messages : 239
Date d'inscription : 2016-01-05
Age : 24
Localisation : Lens

PostSubject: Re: Recruitment-Pronoob   Tue 5 Apr - 9:12

Welcome and good luck Wink
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Messages : 4
Date d'inscription : 2016-01-15

PostSubject: Re: Recruitment-Pronoob   Tue 5 Apr - 11:31

Welcome guy ! Good luck for your apply Wink see you in game.
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Messages : 323
Date d'inscription : 2015-05-19
Age : 25
Localisation : Le Havre

PostSubject: Re: Recruitment-Pronoob   Tue 5 Apr - 11:46

Hii welcome and good luck!

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Ecrivain fou

Messages : 141
Date d'inscription : 2016-01-14
Age : 21

PostSubject: Re: Recruitment-Pronoob   Tue 5 Apr - 14:40

Welcome, no 5$ isnt enough to get all CS
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PostSubject: Re: Recruitment-Pronoob   

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